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According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the majority of surgical cosmetic procedures were received by individuals between the ages of 40-54. In 2018, this age group received over half a million cosmetic surgeries and 7.8 million total procedures.

While this age group makes up the majority of plastic surgery recipients, is that necessarily the best age for a facelift? A facelift, officially called a rhytidectomy, is a popular surgery that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and facial sagging, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

At Advanced Facial Surgery, Dr. Manolis Manolakakis provides one-on-one consultations to help you reach your aesthetic goals, whether you’d benefit most from Face-Tite™Botox®, or a facelift.

If you’re considering a facelift, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

The best age for a facelift doesn’t exist

Facelifts aren’t limited to a specific age. In fact, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has collected data on facelifts, and it’s proof that an adult of nearly any age can receive a facelift. According to the 2018 report, the facelift stats according to age group are:

  • 20-29 year olds: 345 surgeries
  • 30-39 year olds: 1889 surgeries
  • 40-49 year olds: 39,263 surgeries
  • 55 and up: 80,034 surgeries

Facelifts can also be combined with other surgeries — such as an eyelid lift — to further enhance your results.

So, when should you get a facelift?

If age isn’t the determining factor for receiving a facelift, what is? The condition of your skin plays a big role in whether or not you’re a candidate for a facelift.

You already notice signs of aging

The most common — and most bothersome — signs of aging on the face include:

  • Wrinkles and sagging around the eyes
  • Jowls
  • Excess fat deposits on the face and neck
  • Deep creases around the corners of the mouth
  • Deep creases around the nose

These changes are typically caused by loss of collagen, the effects of gravity, and the natural aging process.

You’re generally healthy

Facelifts are a major surgery, so you’ll need to be cleared medically before you can receive a facelift. In general, you should be:

  • A non-smoker (smoking can delay healing)
  • In good overall health
  • At a healthy weight

In addition to spotting the signs of aging and being in good overall health, you’ll also need to be committed to the recovery process. Committing to a facelift can transform your appearance, but you’ll need to follow your post-op instructions carefully for the best results.

Turn back the hands of time with a facelift

At Advanced Facial Surgery, we are here to guide you with your next steps, whether you’re interested in non-surgical procedures (like Botox) or surgical procedures like a facelift or blepharoplasty.

To learn more about facelifts or to find out if one is right for you, schedule a consultation today. We are located in Shrewsbury, New Jersey, and Greenwich Village, New York. Call the location of your choice or visit us online to request an appointment.

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